English Camp to Roche Harbor

Estimated Travel Time: 20 minutes


Head back up to the main road and turn left. You’ll go 1.4 miles and you will come to the junction of Roche Harbor Road.

Once again, turn left, and you are on your way.

For you oyster lovers, at the four mile mark you will see a road to your left called Westcott Bay Drive. Turn left and go down the end of the road where you will see a sign for Westcott Bay Oyster Farm, which produces some flavorful and famous oysters.

Onward to Roche Harbor. You will see the sign for Roche Harbor, and behind it is a green fence. Park at the end of the fence towards your left, and walk on down to Roche Harbor Resort. Here you can purchase groceries, eat lunch in one of two restaurants, visit the shops and marina, and stroll through the lovely gardens.

Roche Harbor used to be the site of the lime processing plant, and has a lot of history to it. If you have time after touring the resort, marina and the Sculpture Park (located across the road from the moped parking area), you may want to take a walk to the mausoleum, which is located behind the airport. Just a short stroll through the woods, the mausoleum is a memorial to the Mcmillin family, who operated the lime kilns in the 1860′s.