Cattle Point to Lime Kiln State Point Park

Estimated Travel Time: 40 minutes


Retrace your route until you see a sign for False Bay Drive.

Turn left and take False Bay Drive through the woods and past False Bay itself. This may just be the prettiest drive on the island, and False Bay is a great spot for viewing marine birds.

Where False Bay Drive terminates at Bailer Hill Road, turn left. On the way to the Lime Kiln Whale Watch Park, consider taking a side trip 1/4 mile up Wold Road to the beautiful Pelindaba lavender farm.

During your adventure, if you want to stop and enjoy the scenery, please make sure to use one of the turnouts. This section of roadway offers some of the most diverse views of the island, open pastures, distant mountains, and bluffs overlooking the ocean.

The Whale Watch Park is the most popular spot on the island and chances are good that, during the summer months, you may spot a pod of orca whales. We have three ”resident” pods of Orca whales (J, K, and L) that call the waters off San Juan Island home from May to October.

Park your moped, Scoot Coupe or Pedego in the parking lot, and take the short trail to the whale watching area. During the summer months, park rangers and occasionally whale researchers are around to answer your questions. The park is a great place to relax, picnic, whale watch and take in the splendid scenery. Toilet facilities, picnic tables and water are available.