• 70 miles approximately per tank
  • All equipment must be refilled before returning
  • Use premium unleaded ONLY

Scoot Coupe:

  • Remember the Scoot Coupe has no reverse
  • Scoot Coupe will not start unless rear brake is held in – turn key to “on” position, hold in rear brake and push red start button on right handle grip.
  • Coupe has a huge turning radius, so NO U-TURNS as you could put yourself in a dangerous situation
  • Do not exceed 25 mph as Scoot Coupe may become unstable
  • Never jam on either brake, as this may cause a skid
  • Never drive with parking brake on, as this will burn up the clutch, belt and rollers and result in a $450 charge to renter
  • Always use parking chock for added safety whenever Scoot Coupe is parked


  • no clutch lever, no shifting gears
  • left hand lever (rear brake)
  • right hand lever (front brake)
  • at low speeds and tight maneuvering, keep hand on left (rear) brake
  • use both brakes evenly when stopping abruptly
  • use extreme caution when braking on gravel and wet roads
  • never jam on either brake (you may cause a skid)
  • when riding in wet or rainy conditions, or on loose surfaces, exercise extreme caution when braking
  • when descending a steep grade, close the throttle slowly and use both brakes to slow the moped down
  • both front and rear brakes should be applied together
  • independent use of only the front or rear brake reduces stopping performance
  • excessive brake application may cause either wheel to lock, reducing control of the moped


  • Carry driver’s license
  • Wear eye protection and helmet
  • Riding double is dangerous, against the law and may damage the moped
  • Ride single file, and not too close (allow cars to pass)
  • DO NOT IMPEDE TRAFFIC - if traffic behind is unable to pass, pull over and stop
  • If you want to stop in mid-travel, GET OFF THE ROAD! Pull off in a safe place.
  • Pass carefully (you and the one you pass can scare easily)
  • Stay off all private, chained, posted roads (you will be ticketed)
  • Watch out for cars pulling out quickly from hidden driveways



  • never ride a moped unless you are wearing a helmet and protective eye wear
  • baskets or luggage racks are for lightweight items only – make sure cargo is secure
  • place both hands on the handle bars and both feet on the platform while riding
  • obey all federal and local laws and regulations while riding
  • do not open and close throttle rapidly – this could cause possible loss of control of the moped (to accelerate, open throttle gradually, for deceleration close the throttle)
  • when slowing down the moped, coordination of the throttle and the front and rear brake is most important
  • Use mirrors at all times
  • Never take your hands off the handle grips; the moped will become very unstable
  • Use your turn indicators (they won’t click off automatically)


  • 10 mph to 15 mph are the perfect sightseeing speeds.
  • pot holes are everywhere and you hit hard
  • eyes on the road!
  • loose gravel and gravel roads are like ice (loose gravel builds up at all forks, intersections and driveways)
  • very narrow shoulders on most roads, be aware of traffic behind you – use your mirrors. DON’T TURN YOUR HEAD!!
  • your chances of a mishap are greatly decreased at a lower speed
  • if you don’t feel comfortable, don’t go!

Important Safety Note:

The safety of our customers and our equipment is the most important considerations our crew have – for this reason, we reserve the right to refuse service to any one who, in our experienced opinion, will not be safe while operating our equipment. This includes customers who are wearing open toed shoes or who are unable to operate the equipment to our standards. Our goal is to provide a safe and fun experience for our customers, and a safe environment for our community.