More than just mopeds!

The world keeps changing and people’s wants and needs evolve. I understand this and have tried to keep our transportation options fresh and exciting. When I established Susie’s Mopeds way back in 1986, offering only moped rentals was sufficient for my customer base, and our two-wheeled mopeds are still the backbone of our business. Our brand-new fleet of Kymco mopeds provide a smoother and quieter riding experience that most people prefer. Mopeds are not for everyone, however, so in the mid-1990′s I added a few small convertible SUV’s as a fun and practical alternative to the mopeds. It didn’t take long to realize, though, that a lot of people for whom mopeds were not the right choice, especially families with children, were looking for an option that was more adventuresome that an automobile. I had to find a solution, and I did. In the early 2000′s we added our first scootcars, which in time evolved into the Scoot Coupes that we now offer. They are so popular that I have trouble keeping them on the lot! Our most recent addition, the Pedego electric bicycles, is really starting to generate a lot of interest and excitement from fitness buffs and our ecology-minded customers.

Susie with a very special Orca customer

What will be the next big thing? I don’t know yet, but rest assured, I’ll be watching out for it. It’s what you expect from me.

Susie Doyle – Founder of Susie’s Mopeds